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We wish to express our respect and solidarity with Ukraine and its people, on behalf of civil
society around the world and, personally, as ISC Chair of the Civil Society Pillar.

As expressed at the 36th Meeting of the Governing Council of the Community of Democracies
last week in Warsaw, we remain deeply concerned for the war in Ukraine, triggered by Russia’s
unprovoked and unjustifiable full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This trespassing of Ukraine’s
territorial integrity shows an unacceptable disregard for international law by Russia.

We resolutely condemn the invasion and lament the deplorable loss of life. We call for a firm,
unswerving respect for human rights, including the self-determination of the Ukrainian people,
the rule of law, and the democratic system, not only as essential institutions of civilized
existence, but also as means to achieve a lasting peace.

The Civil Society Pillar strongly supports the efforts of civil society and other sectors to bring
about peace within the framework of a rules-based international system.

We congratulate President Volodymyr Zelensky for his courageous leadership and offer our
support to bring about an end to a senseless war in violation of the most cherished principles
of international society.

Geneva, May 15th., 2023

Enrique de Obarrio

International Steering Committee
Civil Society Pillar